A large variety of doors and ceilings are available all tailored to your requirements, specification and budget. 


Whatever your requirements, from mesh manual sliding doors to fully automated doors.


Door Options

  •  Double and single door sets - internal and external
  •  Automatic sliding doors
  •  Manual sliding doors
  •  Automatic rapid action doors
  •  Emergency Kick out panels

Broad range of locks available - security locks, lever locks with suited keys, electric card strike readers etc.


Suspended Ceilings

A wide variety of ceilings are offered from walk on 'plank and grid' ceilings to an aesthetic 'lay in grids' system.


Ceiling Options

  •  Walk on plank ceilings
  •  Walk on, fire rated ceilings
  •  Walk on Grid Ceilings
  •  Standard suspended ceilings
  •  1200 x 600 ceiling grid